Temporary Pause in Releasing New Blog Posts

We’ve had a personal tragedy that is certainly going to delay the release of new blog posts. 

Our house burned to the ground on October 5th while we were at dinner to celebrate Jon’s birthday. 

In the matter of a few hours, the house and most of our belongings were gone forever. The investigators don’t think they will ever know how it started.

Fortunately, the firefighters were able to keep our Fuso, Robinson Fuso, from burning. So we may not have our big home, we still have the things in our tiny home. The fire crew really worked hard to save it once it was clear they couldn’t save our house. 

Robinson Fuso did not make it out unscathed. The most obvious damage to the Fuso was to the plastic parts on the roof and passenger side. 

Jon has bought replacement vent hoods and such. We have replaced a few of them so far.

In addition to the obvious damage there has been damage to the fiberglass as well. Fiberglass may not melt like vinyl and plastic, but the resins and gel coat can be damaged by high heat. Some of this damage wasn’t evident until later. There is now a crack in along the curve up to the roof. 

The gel coat along the passenger side has both small and large bubbles under and on the surface. 

We haven’t decided what we are going to do with her. There are several options. 

A) Have a custom box made for her to replace the Bigfoot camper. 

B) Buy a new or used Bigfoot camper to replace the current one. A complication to this plan is that Bigfoot no longer makes truck campers this size.

C) Attempt to repair the fiberglass. Even if we repair it so that it looks good, we will never know if it has been irreparably damaged. It might crack or break at any time, especially considering some of the places we go. I most certainly wouldn’t be confident in it making down the Dempster Highway. 

It is really good that the camper has double-pane windows. Otherwise it probably wouldn’t have made it through at all. Everything inside would have been severely water damaged. The only things we have left is what was in the Fuso.

We are blessed to have really wonderful friends. They say you know who your real friends are during moments of tragedy. Well, it turns out we have a lot more friends than we realized.

It is hard for us to accept and receive help. We tend to try to be self reliant and the people offering aid rather than receiving it. But this is so much more than anyone would be able to handle on our own. 

Our friends have set up a Facebook group to coordinate assistance and to keep them informed about what is happening.

 Emily and Jon Turner Facebook Group 

I hope to be able to finish our blog posts about our Epic journey at some point. I really want to share the amazing places we visited, especially the Yukon. At least I still have all of those photos.

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