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Day 11 РLos Alamos to Bandelier National Monument 

May 2, 2017
We left the Santa Fe KOA in the morning and headed towards Los Alamos. It seemed like there were a number of interesting things to do in town. They really have a useful Visitor Guide.

I would highly recommend picking one up if you are planning to do anything in this area. And there are a lot of things to do.

Los Alamos Visitor Info


We were planning to spend the next couple of nights at Bandelier National Monument.
We decided to stop at the Los Alamos Nature Center.

And if you are interested in doing any hikes in Los Alamos, Bandelier National Monument, Valles Caldera National Monument, or anywhere else in the area, I highly recommend the Los Alamos Trails App.

Information about the Los Alamos Trails App
The plant and bird life in the West is can be quite different than in the East, especially in the deserts. The drive through town was quite nice. Once we arrived at the Nature Center, we had someone wanting to know more about of vehicle before we had even gotten out of the Fuso.

The nature center wasn’t quite what I expected, but the people were friendly and the exhibits were well done.¬†

I appreciated the mammal scat examples.

We see a lot of animal poops when we are out on hikes. Some species intentionally poop on the trails.

It was still a little too early for the flower beds outside to be all that helpful yet.

After buying a couple of nature guides and a postcard, we headed out to get our big propane tank filled. Usually we don’t go through a lot of propane, but the heater uses a lot and it had been cold several times already.
There were no places to fill our tanks in Los Alamos. I called the numbers for two places in different nearby towns. I was told that someone would be available until 5 in Espanola. The other number put me on hold for a long time.
Long story, but the short version was that the guy at the first place wasn’t licenced to dispense it. After a long time on the phone, I found out that Amerigas had a tank at R & E Glass and the owner could dispense it. The best part was that he was only a few miles away. We found the shop. The owner, Lawrence, was able to dispense the propane and Jon & I breathed a little easier. So if you even need to fill a mobile propane tank in this area, I would highly recommend going to R & E Glass.
1301 North Prince Dr.

Espanola, NM

With full propane tanks, we headed to Bandelier National Monument.

The National Monument has three camping loops, but the A & B campground loops were basically closed due to work on the restroom & showers plus something involving large concrete pads.

Loop C wasn’t full, but there weren’t very many open spots either. We picked a spot that backed up to the outside part. We settled in and made plans for the next day.

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