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Day 9 pm – Day 10 Santa Fe, NM

April 30 to May 1, 2017

Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis

After Las Vegas, we decided to go to a city that was unlikely to disappoint. So we stopped at the Santa Fe KOA which is outside of Santa Fe.

Santa Fe KOA Journey

That is true for most RV parks. This one had been here for a long time which made it much nicer than most modern commercial RV parks. There are actually trees between you and your neighbor.

Our campsite

We were 9 days out,  so it made sense to do a little laundry and get caught up with the mundane tasks. So I did laundry and Jon worked on the books for the garage in NC. It was important but not entertaining. The laundry room was clean almost to the point of OCD clean. It was a little on the expensive side but convenient.

Jon checks out the Fuso

Jon also did a little trouble-shooting regarding a charging issue to the house batteries. It turns out a bolt had sheared off in the system related to the second alternator.

Bolt sheared off in the second alternator tensioner

There are always little issues that come up in a system as complicated as this one.  After all, the Fuso combines all the systems of a house with the systems of a automobile plus the added complication of the rigors of movement. Washboard roads are hard on everything and everybody.

Jon checking the roof

It was a quiet night with a really nice sunset.

In the morning, Jon went out on the motorcycle to buy parts while I tried to get caught up on the blog post. Jon wound up being successful after two trips, but I was still behind, but I made progress.

Jon is off to buy parts from the Fuso

We spent the afternoon in Santa Fe in the main Plaza. The motorcycle is so much easier to park than the Fuso.

The Plaza was crowded, but the people watching was good and the art in the windows of the shops was spectacular.

Granted, almost all of the shops were catering to a much more affluent tax bracket than we are in.

We just weren’t in the mood for museums and after Las Vegas, New Mexico, we were happy enough just looking at the buildings rather than trying to discover their detailed history.

Sign on the Palace of the Governors

So here are some photos of the things we saw.

Palace of the Governors

There were a lot of museums, especially art museums.

New Mexico Museum of Art

AIAI Museum of Contemporary Native Arts

Georgia O’Keeffe Museum

And Churches sometimes with its own art.

The Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis is the first photo of this post.

The Entrance to the Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis

There are two statues to St Francis

One statue of St. Francis

Statue by the front of Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis

In contrast to all of the “Santa Fe Style” (Pueblo Revival) buildings is the architecture is this church.

Loretto Chapel

Parking was limited to two hours. That turned out to be the perfect amount of time for us.

We got back to our campsite in the late afternoon.  Jon finished with the repairs to the Fuso. I dealt with the laundry, dinner and blog.

We headed out to Bandelier National Monument in the morning.

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