Day 9 – From Snow to Las Vegas! (new mexico)

April 30

This post is about our drive out of the snow after camping in the post office parking lot in Solano, NM.

Plus our visit to Las Vegas, New Mexico later that day.

Las Vegas, NM

We didn’t have any trouble getting out of the parking lot in the morning. The plows had been at it overnight and you could actually see the pavement at times. The most significant thing is that the snow and extreme winds had stopped.

We drove up to the turn off for the Mills Canyon Rim Campground. We would not have been able to make it to the campground even if we had continued last night.

So we turned around and headed towards Las Vegas for more urbane adventures. The drive down Hwy 120 to Wagon Mound was really pretty. You decend into a canyon. The further down we were, the less snow we saw.

We headed to Las Vegas, NM. It was described as having great historic buildings. The town was visited by Coronado in 1541 and the Spanish settled the area in the 1790’s. The railway came in and settlers from the East came and built Victorian homes and buildings. So the area has an interesting combination of Spanish and Victorian architecture. There are about 900 listed historical buildings.

There is a great article by the New York Times.

New York Times article

But it is from 2007. The area has gone downhill significantly since then.

We stopped at the Visitors Center.

Note the snow on top of the bushes and roof.

The lady was very helpful. I am very glad to have gone there because we picked up the “Historic Trail Guide” pamphlet. It wasn’t what I expected for a guide about the historic Spanish mission and Victorian buildings.

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