Going North from Saline Valley and through the Owens Valley – May 28, 2016


Looking back at the Saline Valley Warm Springs

We left Saline Valley on May 28. Before you reach the Saline Valley Rd, you pass by the Bat pole. It is another creative landmark for the warm springs.


This time we went north on the Saline Valley Road to get back to civilization. The road going north is a much more pleasant route to go into and out of Saline Valley. For one thing, it is much shorter.


The road is still very rough with sections of washboard and very rough surfaces.


And there is a significant climb to get out of the valley.


The mountains are beautiful.


There was an abundance of wildflowers along  the road, especially once you get up over the North Pass.


You know you are getting close to the end of the road when you start seeing the Sierra Nevada Mountains. There was still snow at the top.


When we did reach the road, we saw a sign warning about a bicycle race.


We passed the bikers a few miles later. There were only about four of them and they were still on the side of the road with their support vehicle.

Once we reached pavement, the Fuso seemed to have all of its tires severely out of balance. We just weren’t able to tell while we were on the dirt roads.  Our tire rotation in Saline Valley seemed to be a bad idea. We couldn’t go any faster than about 45 mph. We plan on doing something about it when we reach a campsite tonight.

We headed north on US 395, the main road running through the Owens Valley. The Sierra Nevada mountains are to the west and the White Mountains on the east. It makes for a very pretty area.

Owens Valley

We stopped in Bishop, CA for lunch at and to check out Mule Days.

Bishop Mule Days

Every Memorial Day weekend, Bishop celebrates the mule with equestrian competitions and festivities. We had heard of the event, but never visited. It took a while to find a parking space.

Once there, we headed directly to Erick Schat’s Bakkery, Home of the World Famous Original Sheepherder’s Bread. We’ve stopped here for bread, but had not ever eaten there. The sandwiches were awesome.


We strolled through an arts and crafts show that was being held in the Bishop City Park.


We got back on US 395 and started looking for campgrounds. We were passing through the Inyo National Forest. We stopped at Tuff Campground. It was a fairly small campground along Rock Creek. We found a spot and were quite happy to be settled for the night.


It was really cold. Even in Bishop, temperatures were in the 90’s. When we arrived at the campground, the temperatures had dropped into the 60’s.

After dressing more appropriately, we walked along Rock Creek that meandered along.


We passed by a significant number of people fishing along it. We stopped to talk with a few people that were packing up for the day. This area is quite pretty with lots of wildflowers and a picturesque creek.


And there are some mighty big trees.


We took a little time to swap out one of the front tires for the spare. We hoped that would make enough of a difference to allow us to continue on in the morning. It was a quiet and very cold night with lows in the 30’s. Quite a contrast to Saline Valley.





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