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Oklahoma to Texas – May 13, 2016

We started out pretty late this morning. After a very long day in the truck yesterday, we needed a chance to recover. We got back on I-40 for a few exits before stopping for fuel. That took forever. Then back on the road for another couple of exits before stopping at a Wal-Mart for supplies. By the time we finished up, it was about noon. 
Not long after we crossed the Texas state line, we watched a line of thunderstorms pass us by with only a light rain. About a half hour longer, we noticed there was hail along the side of the road and then the traffic stopped.

 All the traffic was in the right hand lane and there were police lights ahead. We were passed by a couple of government plows and a pick up truck. Not long after that, the traffic started to move. As it turned out, there was so much hail that cars had skidded off the road and they had to bring in snow plows to clear the road. It was really surreal. After all, the hail had come down long enough for a number of cars to be recovered and snow plows brought out. 

The rest of our drive was ordinary. We decided to stay at McClellan Lake which is part of the Cibola National Forest & McClellan Creek National Grasslands. 

We arrived around 6:30 which was a perfect time to arrive. With it being a Friday, we were a little concerned that the campgrounds would be full.  Since we were pretty early, we had time to drive around picking out a campsite.

We found a great site with no electricity and a great view of the lake. 

After setting up, we took a stroll to pay for our site and get a little exercise. 

After talking with a long time, frequent camper, we found out where the dump station was. Always a good thing to know. We paid for our campsite and checked out the facilities. It was $5 since we were at a non-electric site.

 We found the dump station. We were glad to have directions, because the sign was very faded and we would have probably missed it. 

Dinner tonight was a rotisserie chicken we bought at Wal-Mart around lunch time. Yes, you can reheat a rotisserie chicken by wrapping it in aluminum foil and steaming it. It turned out well.
The campground was quiet and the weather was really pleasant. 

We were actually surprised that it was so quiet since the next campsite contained about 8 young women, two young men and an Australian Shepherd. No loud music and they weren’t rowdy. 
We planned on waking up early and eating breakfast in Amarillo.


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