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Jerome and Sedona – May 12

  U.S. Highway 89A from Prescott to Flagstaff is a really pretty drive through mountains and along the river. It is definitely worth making the journey. 
We would have gone this way last year, but there were significant forests fires near Sedona.  


We went to Jerome for breakfast. Jerome is a really cute, former mining town. It has a very seedy history during its boomtime, but has been gentrified into an attractive, kind of funky, tiny town. 




It is set up in the mountains where the copper was. Consequently, it is very hilly.

and has fabulous views.

We ate breakfast at the FlatIron Cafe for breakfast. They have a rather limited menu, but the food was really excellent.  


We walked around the town a little before heading back to our vehicle.  


We parked on the way out of town. The streets are small with limited parking.




I must admit that I had a lot of expectations of what Sedona would be like. The most impressive views of the red rocks were before we even reached Sedona.mwe stopped at the Scenic View, but it actually had a pretty lousy view of them. 


The town itself is bigger and more touristy than I expected. It was packed full of people, traffic and shops. A number of the buildings are done in natural colored adobe, which does harmonize well with the surroundings. 

I might have liked Sedona if it was possible to be there in the off season, but the way it was, I just wasn’t inclined to stop. 

Once you leave Sedona, Highway 89A follows the river along the bottom on a canyon for a long ways. It would have been a good place to stop except that we would have to buy a special pass to even be able to stop at one of the parking areas of a state or federal parks. Plus there were tons of other cars and people. If we had more time, it might have been worth it, but we were ready to get to Flagstaff. 
We did stop at an overlook that didn’t require a permit. 


Most of the forest fire damage was between Sedona & Flagstaff. It seemed primarily closer to the Flagstaff area.

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Potato Patch & Prescott – May 11


We needed to be in Flagstaff on May 12. We also were in great need of supplies and clean laundry. 

We could do our laundry at the KOA in Flagstaff, but we decided to go to Prescott for supplies. It was great to be able to go to a Costco and World Market. 

We planned taking US Highway 89A to Flagstaff. Last year, we wanted to spend a day in Sedona, but there were forest fires. 
After consulting our maps and the Ultimate Campground app, we headed to the Mingus Mountain Area in Prescott National Forest. 

We saw a pronghorn on our drive up there. It was only the second time we had seen them on this trip so far. I really miss seeing them. We had seen large numbers of them on our last couple of trips out west. We passed by a small herd of Mule Deer in the National Forest. 
We made our way to the Potato Patch campground. 


It has a small RV only loop that wasn’t much more than a parking lot. It had only one RV in it.  The campground has a bigger loop that is set among trees and the campsites and more spread out. There wasn’t anyone camping in the bigger loop. 
We found a great campsite on the bigger loop. While I set up inside and walked around taking photos, Jon collected firewood that had been left at some of the other sites. Some of the pieces were too long, so he used a saw to cut them up. 

You can just make out Jon sawing up wood in the background.  
We had a wonderful campfire, a great dinner, and a very quiet night. 

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