Roosevelt Lake – May 6


 We stopped in Globe, AZ briefly on our way north. After looking over a map and such, we decided to spend the night at Roosevelt Lake. I have a couple of guidebooks that I use to find out about some of the places we are interested in going. According to the guides, Roosevelt Lake is a very popular location for people from Phoenix to go for water recreational activities.

We initially stopped at the Schoolhouse Recreation Site. First of all, the boat ramp and all but one of the camping loops were closed. It was a little desolate as we came into the area. When we checked out the camping area that was open, it became downright spooky. The Mesquite Loop was basically an empty packing lot with the occasional tree. There wasn’t a single camper or sign that any had been here for a long time.

We went on to the next area with camping, Windy Hill. This time a boat ramp and two camping loops were open. We checked out the Javalina loop which contained an occupied Camp Host spot and several RVs. We didn’t see a spot we liked, so we checked out the Coati loop. It was empty, but had some great campsites and a view of the lake. 

We picked one out that had a good view and a little area to sit and watch the lake.



 We pulled out our chairs and relaxed while looking out at the lake.


 We noticed that it was really low. The lake acts as a water reservoir for Phoenix. It now made sense that the boat ramp at Schoolhouse was closed. The lake didn’t even reach that area.

As I found out later, when the lake is full, it is about 1290 feet above sea level. According to this website, the water level was about 1250 ft on May 1st. So the water level was low by about 40 feet. 

Roosevelt Lake Levels
It made it easy to understand why the campgrounds were so empty.

We walked around the campground and met a couple of ladies camping out of a van. They were as equally mystified as we were. It was just a convenient place to camp.


We had a nice quiet night before heading out in the morning.

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3 thoughts on “Roosevelt Lake – May 6

  1. I’m following your iReach. Looks like your getting closer to home. Safe travels.

    • Emily Turner

      Yes, we should be home in a couple of days. Next update not until I reach wifi. I’ll still finish off my posts for the end of the trip. After all, I haven’t posted about Overland Expo yet.

  2. Sorry Emily, I didn’t mean to give the plot away.

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