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Gila National Forest – Apr 26 Part 3

It was still pretty early and we had enough of being outside. We headed towards the Gila National Forest.  We passed through the town of Truth or Consequences. It wasn’t exactly a booming economy. 
We drove into the Gila National Forest and planned to camp there for the night. We had considered camping at the Emory Pass Vista, but it was a day use area. Also, it was snowing lightly and had an incredible amount of wind.
So we headed further into the park. 
We skipped the first campground because it was right off the road and a stream that had flooded last year. There were still downed trees all over the stream making it look a little unloved. We stayed at the next campground, Railroad Canyon. It was tucked into a canyon off the main road giving it a more peaceful environment. 
There was a very cold looking young woman at one of the three campsites. She was there with a small tow trailer, a backpack and associated camping gear. She was a ranger for the park and was waiting for a ride from her boss. She was part of a group that had been doing some trail maintenance, but they became snowed out. The group was supposed to come back for the trailer (it had bad bearings). Her boss would be by to pick her up sometime later tonight or We offered her something hot to drink, but she wasn’t interested. So we did our normal evening activities. After a while, our neighbor heated up something on a backpacker stove, put up her tent and went to bed. During the night, a crew came out and hauled off the trailer, but the ranger stayed on. 
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