Last Day at the Grand Canyon

We headed back to the main part of the North Rim of the Grand Canyon the next morning. Denise Cook was going on a mule ride in the afternoon. Jon & I wanted to get in a good hike. Fred Cook was going to hang out and take photos. On the drive into the park, we passed by a herd of buffalo on the side of the road. I always find it exciting to see buffalo.


Jon and I started out with the Bright Angel Point trail out to the point. There were a lot of people on the trail since it is so close to the Lodge. It was worth going out to see the views of the Grand Canyon. I did feel the altitude especially after being so recently at below sea level in Death Valley. The North Rim is generally around 8500 ft above sea level.

It seemed like the views at the Grand Canyon were a lot hazier than the last time we were there. We had come in September about 12 years ago. We learned that there was a significant wildfire near Sonoma that was causing the haziness. At the time, it was 0% contained, so the views were only likely to get worse.



We followed the Transept Trail which was quite hilly but had some great views (which are on my camera). We took a number of trails part way to get to the Widforss Trailhead. To our surprise, there was a sign regarding an aggressive Grouse. So of course we asked anyone we ran into if they had seen the grouse. Most had.


The trail was really nice nature hike with guide to numbered stops pointing out some kind of feature. There was a diversion to avoid the area with the aggressive grouse, but we never did see it. There was a small detour at a wonderful overlook where we stopped to enjoy the view.



At that point, we were ready to head back. It seemed there was a lot more uphill than I remembered going down.

We made it back to the Lodge to rendezvous with Fred. Jon and I stopped at the Saloon for libations. Denise made it back from her mule ride. Everyone seemed tired and happy.

We drove out to Kaibab National Forest to camp for the night. Once again, we found a really nice place to stay the night away from the crowds and had a very lovely dinner.



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