More Time at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon

We decided to move camp sites the second night. So we drove through some very tight forest roads to check out two other camp sites. Fence campsite required a significant walk from the campsite to the rim. Parissawapitts campsite seemed to be even further away from the rim requiring a significant hike to see it.

Along the way, we did get to see the elusive Kaibab Squirrel and several groups of Mule Deer. The Kaibab squirrel is part of the tufted ear, tree squirrel family and only located at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. The coloration of the Kaibab squirrel is pretty unique. They have very white and bushy tails while the rest of their body is charcoal grey/black. You would think they would really stand out, but they actually blend in pretty well with Aspen trees with its white bark with dark grey marks. I was thrilled to see one. Unfortunately, it wasn’t very cooperative in getting its picture taken. I did get a couple, but they aren’t very good.


We turned around and took a short break for minor repairs. While Jon was busy, I walked down a side road that seemed promising. It was. There were a couple of sites close to the rim. I took pictures and reported back.


After settling in, I cleaned the floors and surfaces of the camper. Several days of traveling on dirt roads in the west means that everything is covered in dust.

Jon & I went out for a nice hike along the Rim Trail. Most of the trail we had walked earlier was relatively flat, but at this point, it had a lot of ups and downs. We hiked for about 4.5 miles and saw some pretty amazing views. At about 9,000 ft and the climbs and drops, I was satisfied with the distance.




We hung out and enjoyed the view until it got too cold. One advantage of being up so high is that it stays pretty cool even in late May.

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