May 6 – Maintenance


After a great trip to the Black Rock Desert (which we had not been to in many years) with our good friends Barry and Lori Ellis, We are spending two night at their great mountain house just outside of Lake Tahoe.

(See Emily’s posts for Black Rock Desert, here are some of them) May 3 May 2


Robinson’s onboard air system had developed a leak.  We have an Extreme Outback Air Compressor which has given good service in tough conditions – but  the main airline from the air tank to the distribution block had developed a leak and had to be replaced.  As is often the case, this was a 30 minute repair, but required unloading the motorcycle from the garage and removing the garage floor plate to get access to the compressor… so it was a half day job.  I bought some high quality rubber airline as we passed through Reno yesterday at Home Depot, so had what I needed to make the repair.  I had a splice, but the line was pretty old and stiff so I decided it was a better choice to replace it.

Barry helped me clean the compressor air filter using Simple Green APC and K&N Filter Oil.  I really need to replace the filter, but that wasn’t an option.


I also helped Barry re-grease the Superwinch X9 on his Discovery 2.  The winch had been giving him good service but had been getting noisy – we pulled it apart and the remaining grease was either dried out or dirty – we cleaned everything with mineral spirits, re-greased and re-assembled.  Should be good for another 6 years.


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