Black Rock – Soldier Meadows – May 3

The best part is that it is next to two Hot Springs pools available for taking a dip. Our campsite had a direct trail to the lower pool. We took a dip shortly after arriving.


It was about as hot as bath water with water so clear you could see the bottom. The bottom was a nice gravel, not a bottom filled with six inches of unknown life.

The upper pool was about the same temp, but with a murky bottom and much shallower.


We all went down the trail to Hidden Creek Springs since we could tell the people camping nearby had left. Jon & I tried the waters. It was certainly warmer than the other two, but it also had a murky bottom and wasn’t very deep. It did have enough space for friends and a “table” in the middle great for drinks.


After getting back to the campsite, it just kept getting windier and even more windy. It meant we took a nap and had a lazy day.

Late in the day, we were entertained by four cyclists that biked up from Soldier Meadows Rd. They bathed at the hot springs, refilled their water, and after deciding our camp ground area was too windy, biked down to the Cabin Creek campground spot. Leaving the four of us our privacy.

We saw some pretty fantastic vistas, clouds and sunset.


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