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Day 51 – Hope, Kamloops and almost Cache Creek

June 11, 2017

We left in the mid-morning after saying bye to the puppies.

It was very overcast with low-lying clouds.

The scenery was beautiful as we followed Highway 7 along the Fraser River.

We stopped at Hope to pick up some basic maps, etc. at their Tourist Information Center which was actually open on a Sunday.

We wanted to load up on some more supplies before traveling North. We weren’t sure what to expect in terms of groceries and similar items. After looking at a map, we drove east along the Coquihalla Highway (Canada 5) to Kamloops, a fairly large city in the general direction we wanted to go.
The mountain scenery was impressive.

This is an area that was shaped by glaciers during the Ice ages. It leads to u-shaped valleys surrounded by very steep mountain walls and peaks.

It was misty with low clouds. This area gets an enormous amount of snow in the winter. There were still some snowy areas.

It was easy to imagine why there were so many avalanche warning signs.

The area around Kamloops was quite different from the mountain range.

It is a big city. We filled up our propane tanks and bought more groceries.

We drove West on Canada Highway 1 towards Cache Creek. The terrain along this route was quite different.

The hills were low and softly rounded. The plants were really different, too. There were a lot less trees.

We decided to stay at the Brookside Campsite RV Park. It is pretty close to Cashe Creek, where we will be picking up the Cariboo Highway (Highway 97).

Part of the reason for staying at this campground is because it includes free WiFi. It also has a laundry. We plan on using that on the morning.

Our plan with Verizon has unlimited calls and texts in Canada. We are also allowed 500 Megabytes of data per day. Our cell and data signal has been very limited away from the towns. We assume that trend will only increase as we continue north.

We did find it odd that the campground isn’t along a brook.

The campground was moderately full. We walked around talking with folks. We settled in for a quiet night. It had been a long day with a lot of time on the road.

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