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These are the Continuing Adventures of Robinson Fuso – a custom built overland expedition vehicle originally constructed by Doug Hackney for an 18 month trip through South America.

We like camping and traveling to remote places – there’s plenty of tent camping in our past, in addition to owning a NAS Defender 110 and a Range Rover – both kitted for overland use. Moving to the Fuso is a tradeoff – increased comfort for decreased maneuverability and trail ability. At the end of the day it’s nice to not have to pitch a tent, already have your bed made, and pretty much have your kitchen and campsite ready to go. We still mainly boondock, and have plans to head out for international travel again (after a trip to Alaska).

Jon & Emily Turner


29 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hey, just saw your rig at 3 Rivers Petroglyphs (we’re the Bounder that was parked when you drove in, with the Harley parked in front of it) I loved your rig and took a couple photos and posted on my Facebook page and someone gave me your website here 🙂 I loved the mustache and the response team sticker lol If you’re on Facebook send a friend request…I put my name below. Would love to follow, but you know how it is with data on the road, can’t load up too many sites. Good luck on your travels, maybe we’ll see ya around again 🙂

    • pugsly

      Thanks for checking in with us – sorry it has taken a little while to get back to you we have been in the Gila NF wilderness and only just emerged!

  2. Shane

    Just passed you all on i40 right outside of Knoxville, TN. That thing is super rad, travel safe!

  3. Great to see you both at Overland Expo, we enjoyed catching up with you. Hope you have a good trip back and Emily doesn’t have to fly back early.

  4. Peter Baker

    I have just found your web site and love what you are doing, we did nearly 3 years around Australia in a Caravan about 10 years ago when we were in our 40’s, My next project is to convert my Fiat Ducato cab chassis into a camper home. i would love to know more about the experience of your build, My dream was always to do it as a 4wd but not this time.

  5. Brock

    Just seen your rig at Walmart in Georgia and was curious so I looked you guys up online . Praying for y’all to have safe travels .

  6. Hey Guys, Saw your rig in Gulpha Gorge Campground. Impressive. Safe Travels… Maybe we will cross paths again.

    • pugsly

      Thanks Bill we are working our way west at the moment. Safe journeys!

  7. Sherri long

    Love the ride. Just passed you in Oklahoma on hwy 69 leaving mcalester. Happy trails

  8. It was a pleasure meeting and chatting with you at the Wildlife Refuge. Thanks for taking the time to share about your story and vehicle build history. Happy trails!

  9. Bienvenidos a Albuquerque! I dig the rig. Saw you on Coors.

    • pugsly

      Thanks we were passing through and doing a resupply. Camping on El Malpais tonight!

  10. Tobi clement

    I was painting at the Valles Caldera when you drove out. I was so curious about your vehicle. I had to look you up. Such an interesting vehicle! Happy travels in NM!

    • pugsly

      Thanks, we saw you working away and wondered if it was some sort of artist in residence program but didn’t want to disturb!

      • Well truly I wanted to jump up and down and wave my arms to get your Attention! LOL ! When you began to research all the how too,s it must of seemed overwhelming. Can you recommend a particular website or book on the challenges of traveling outside the US?
        You have done what so many people dream to do, want to do, but in the end do not do. Dreaming big takes courage.

  11. Patrick Phillips

    Saw you in Anchorage. .I will be joining the club in a similar fashion soon. .. good roads good weather to ya.

  12. Marilou hogue

    I think we are parked beside you in #1. The schnauzer says hello


    Saw you In a campground in Seward, passed you on the way to Homer and drove beside you on the Glenn in Anchorage all in the last four days. – Red F-250 with bbq in back. My family and I wish you safe travels and lots of fun adventures!!

    • pugsly

      Thanks, we had a great trip to Seward, stopping in Anchorage for the night then headed north!

  14. D & D

    Met you at the Montana Creek State Recreation Site. We were the German couple in the truck camper. Enjoy Denali! And safe travels!

    • pugsly

      Thanks so much and enjoy your trip south! We really enjoyed Seward and the Major Marine tour. Safe travels!

      • D & D

        The world is small. Met again watching the black bear on Haines Road. 🙂 Major Marines was a great suggestion! Make sure you check out the grizzlies near the weir before Chilkoot Lake!

  15. Christopher W Brown

    JUSWT VSAW you on i-5 mile post 206
    nice truck i was in sprinter with awning on side

  16. Molly

    I just passed you on I-90 near Snoqualmie, WA. ❤️

  17. Florencio and Debra Sosa

    Hi! Seen you parked at Walmart in Omaha, NE. We were in a black Toyota truck and waved. We were curious about your vehicle. What an awesome blog you maintain. Awesome you are living your dream. We will continue to follow your adventures.

    Good luck to you!

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