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Day 34 to 38 morning – Lake Tahoe

May 25 early afternoon – 29 morning 

We left Marc’s late the next morning. We were going to stay with some friends in the Lake Tahoe Area.

We passed by some beautiful areas on our drive. We took some back roads and stopped at the Donner Summit Overlook. 

The bridge should look familiar. It has been in a number of movies. 

The view was pretty amazing. 

There was still a significant snow pack.

We spent time hanging out and playing with the 8-week-old Greater Swiss Mountain Dog puppy.

In one of her quieter moments.

She likes the snow as a true Swissie should.

We took a walk along the Truckee River between Tahoe City to Alpine Meadows. 

The river was running really high. 

Although the hike was basically a paved city greenway, we finished at River Ranch Restaurant. So we had drinks and enjoyed the view.

The next day we hiked up the mountain that is the basis of the Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley ski area. 

The trail was flat but snowy and slushy to begin with. The temperatures were in the 60’s so all the snow had gotten slushy, but was still there. 

Then we hit a nice relatively flat section without snow.

Sometimes that is the way the trail takes you.

That hike taught me that I really don’t enjoy hiking on slushy snow, at least not without YakTrax or something else like it to give me added traction.

I really struggled on the steep snow covered slopes. 

But the views were pretty amazing. 

And how often can you say you were hiking on a ski slope? Especially near Lake Tahoe.

Instead of trying to go back the way we came or trying to go down the ski slope, we opted to go down the other side of the mountain.

It was most certainly not an easy way down, but at least it wasn’t snow.

Jon is in the bottom of the photo.

We did get some incredible views going this way, too.

We didn’t see any bears.

On the walk through the neighborhood to get back to our friends’ house, we did see an example of why you don’t want to drive a golf cart on snow.

I’m glad we hiked it.

We had a great time and I loved playing with the puppy. 

Showing off her flexibility and the spirit of the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog on her chest

But the road was calling and we wanted to see Oregon and Washington. We headed out on the morning of May 29th.

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Day 32 & 33 – Virginia City and XP Camper 

May 23 & 24

After leaving the campground, we stopped in Carson City for a few last supplies and propane.

We made a detour to Virginia City, Nevada. It is another mining boom town. Not a preserved ghost town like Bodie, Virginia City still has residents and businesses.  Old timey photos, saltwater taffy, etc.

It is pretty close to Reno, so it sees a lot of tourists. Mark Twain spent some time here at the start of his career. A significant number of buildings are listed in the National Register of Historic Buildings.

I can’t imagine having to keep a building looking like it was built for about $20.

So the buildings have “character” with a huge dose of commercialism and tourist trap.

But it certainly has charm.

There are a couple of mines you can visit.

The main street area is very touristy, but interesting.

We did find it odd that not all of the businesses were open yet, especially considering it was the week before Memorial Day weekend.

We looked for the Tourist Information Center. We walked down Main Street past houses and a section without sidewalks. 

After a block or two of like that, we turned around. A few more photos of Virginia City. 

We did eventually pass it on our way out of town. It was quite a bit further out and because of the lack of sidewalks, it wasn’t some place pedestrians could get to easily.

It was really hot. After walking around for several hours, we stopped to buy some ice cream before we left.

After our visit to Virginia City, we headed to Marc Wassman’s home. We were going to camp next to his home and go see the XP Camper manufacturing facility the next day.

XP Camper 

Jon has been there several times, but I hadn’t. XP Camper makes really high quality campers. We are very happy with our camper, but if we were to buy a new one, XP Camper would be on our short list.

Fred and Denise Cook (Diplostrat) flew in on Tuesday to visit Marc also. They sold their Tiger Malayan early in 2017 and are considering buying their next overland vehicle from XP Camper.

Diplostrat Photos

The tour of the facility was impressive. XP Camper does full custom camper builds so has extensive fiberglass, metal fabrication, upholstery, and assembly capabilities.

This was our first time visiting Marc’s house – we had a great time while we were visiting. 

Marc is a fantastic cook (he was a professional chef in a former life) and prepared a couple spectacular meals.

We also had one of our unscripted adventures while at Marc’s house.  I posted a message on facebook before we went to bed that our friends took to mean that I was in trouble.  We woke up the next morning to find that the California State Highway Patrol and the County Sheriff were looking for us to make sure that we were okay.  It’s nice to know that our friends care about us and are keeping track of our adventures.  Sorry for the false alarm, but was great to know how much everybody cares.

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