Day 57 – Whitehorse, Yukon

Saturday, June 17

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Whitehorse is home to 25,000 residents which is approximately 70 percent of the population of the Yukon. It is the territorial capital of the Yukon in addition to being the largest town in northern Canada.

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It has the best selection of stores and services in northern Canada.
We wanted to find more information on the Yukon so we planned on visiting the Yukon Visitor’s Center and a bookstore. We planned on buying enough food and drinks for the next two weeks. There are just not very many options for shopping in the northern Yukon. And even if we could find stores, the selections were going to be very limited and expensive.

It was cold and a little drizzly that morning. We decided to walk into Whitehorse instead of taking the motorcycle or Fuso. We didn’t think we were all that far from the town, but it was quite a bit further than expected. At least the walk down Robert Service Way was downhill to town. Once we got close to town, we were able to take the greenway along the Yukon River.

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We stopped at the Visitor Center. It is a nice facility with free WiFi, bathrooms, and lots of places to sit.

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They have a large selection of information about the Yukon, northern Canada and Alaska. I think I picked up about 10 pounds of brochures and maps. The information desk is well staffed. They provided helpful information regarding road conditions and weather.

The visitor center also has a parking lot. which is really important if you are driving a larger vehicle. There aren’t a lot of parking options downtown. It was a weekend and the legislature wasn’t in session, so downtown Whitehorse wasn’t very crowded.

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Our next stop was Mac’s Fireweed bookstore. It has the best selection of books in the Yukon.

Mac’s Fireweed Bookstore

We bought a few maps and guidebooks including a copy of the Milepost, the most complete highway guide to Alaska and Northwestern Canada.

The Milepost

I added another ten pounds to my backpack.

We had lunch at The Baked Cafe and spent quite a bit of time wandering around the shops. We stopped at The Claim for dessert. It is a great place for desserts.

After we had enough of visiting the shops, we walked along the river. We passed by the steam engine on display.

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The town has a lot of art along the river and in the parks. You can see the influence of the large Native population (The First Peoples).

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We crossed the Yukon River to take the greenway on the other side back towards our campground.

At this point, it had gotten quite hot. The greenway passed through a wooded section which provided much appreciated shade. It was obvious that there were beavers in the area. They had taken out quite a few of the trees next to the river.

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We saw a large group kayaking upriver.

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We decided to skip visiting the fish ladder at the power plant on the edge of town. I was carrying a lot of weight and it was hot.

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We took a trail through the woods in hopes of avoiding having to walk along the road. The trail took us up through the Robert Service Yukon Territorial Campground for tents only.

Our walk continued up hill along the side of the Robert Service Way Highway. It was a very sunny and hot walk back to the campground.

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After relaxing and cooling off a little, it was time to rotate the tires. We swapped the front two tires and then the rear ones.

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The super single tires on the Fuso are about 150 pounds each. The job requires a very big torque wrench.

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After showers and a simple dinner, we went to bed. It had been a long day.

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