Day 54 – Yellowhead Highway to Stewart-Cassiar Highway

Wednesday, June 14, 2017
Yellowhead Highway (Highway 16) to the start of the Stewart-Cassiar Highway (Highway 37) at Kitwanga.

The scenery along the Yellowhead Highway (Highway 16) is gorgeous. You can see the Seven Sisters mountain peaks and their glaciers.

As you drive along, you get different views of the mountains.

We stopped in Smithers for brunch. The town has a small shopping district with several bakeries. We had the individual quiches from Schimmels Bakery and Cafe.

We stopped to view the Moricetown Canyon. It is a point where the Buckley River is forced through a small opening in the rocks. The force of the water going through the gap is thundering.

It is amazing to think that salmon swim up it.

We also took a slight detour to see the Hagwilget Suspension Bridge near Hazelton.

The traffic across the bridge was down to one lane while some maintenance was being performed.
We stopped before the bridge to check things out from the scenic overlook. There were views of the Seven Sisters.

I walked about halfway across the bridge.

The view of the river from the bridge wasn’t that interesting, but I did have a good view of Jon.

Our next stop was at Kitwanga where we would start up along the Stewart-Cassiar Highway. The Stewart-Cassiar Highway is 450 miles from Kitwanga to the Alaska Highway. There was a convenient gas station there, so we filled up with diesel.

The services available along the highway are limited. There is a helpful map with the services marked on it at the sign for the highway.

There are a few communities along the road, but most of them are very tiny.

We bought enough fuel and had enough supplies that we could travel the whole distance without having to rely on a specific gas station. Because the camper has a bathroom and kitchen, we don’t really have to worry about finding a place to camp.

After we took the required photos, we started our journey north. There are a couple of side trips off the highway and we were planning to take the 37A to Stewart, BC and Hyder, AK.

I’m continuing that part of the trip in the next post.

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2 thoughts on “Day 54 – Yellowhead Highway to Stewart-Cassiar Highway

  1. Doug Haynes

    Hi there, just found you site, we put together a low budget version of Robinson Fuso last fall and wintered in the Baja with my wife hanging on to the grab bar for dear life in the stock passenger seat. We’re really curious about the national seats installed in your rig. The Hackney’s website was my bible for the general layout, but I’ve stayed much closer to the “kiss” principle. I had less than 2 months to go mate the camper and truck and build the garage, so it’s not a thing of beauty but it works!

    • pugsly

      The air ride seats make a big difference. Pretty much anything is better than the stock seats, though!

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