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Day 45 – Earthcruiser, Bend, Oregon 

June 5, 2017

This morning, we made our way to Bend, Oregon.  A lot of folks know Bend for its beer – Bend has the most breweries per capita of any town in the USA, which alone makes it worth the visit.  We had another reason – to visit friends Lance Gillies and Michelle Boltz at Earthcruiser. Lance and Michelle are the founders of a company that builds overland vehicles on the Mitsubishi Fuso chassis and we have always admired their builds but never had a chance to stop by and see their shop. Robinson Fuso is, of course, built on a Fuso chassis so we often have people ask us where to get a vehicle like ours.  Ours is home built, but for most people a better option is to have someone build your vehicle for you – if you want something on the Fuso chassis then Earthcruiser is the best option we’ve found.  Lance and Michelle are good people, and we really like their work.


A Fuso ready to become an overland vehicle

After an afternoon of shopping/resupply, we stopped to have drinks with Lance & Michelle at Goodlife Brewing Company, because when you are in Bend that’s what you do!

Sunset over Bend

Because of the hour, we camped in the Deschutes National Forest again. This time, we boondocked just out of town off of China Hat Rd. The area is obviously used as a place to have a wild time – we can never understand why folks need to leave so much crap behind after they have been out enjoying a nice natural setting. Jon picked up about two trash bags full of miscellaneous garbage left around our campsite. We didn’t have room to haul out the burned mattress but got a lot of the other junk gone.

Thank goodness there weren’t any shenanigans this night. We had a quiet evening in the woods.

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Day 42 & 43 – Rogue River Gorge, OR

June 2 evening through June 4 morning 

After we left Crater Lake National Park, we had to figure out where to go next. Always a possibility when you don’t have any firm plans or reservations. The Rogue-Umpqua Scenic Byway through the Rogue River – Siskiyou National Forest seemed promising. 

We stopped at Farewell Bend National Forest Campground. It was a beautiful campground with some sites right on the Rogue River. 

Farewell Bend Campground at Rogue River 

The Rogue River is at the back of our campsite

Because of the large snow pack this year, the river was running really high.

We had a quiet night. Next day went on a hike from the campground. 

Our campground was upstream of Rogue River Gorge. 

The terrain in this area was volcanic in origin. This led to a number of interesting natural features along this part of the Rogue River.

Although the river right by our campsite was wide and relatively shallow, the river is forced through a natural gorge becoming very fast and violent.

The Chasm 

Inlet to the chasm

If you keep following the trail, you also see

The Cave

The Cave is on the left side of the river as it widens out

We kept following the trail because we wanted to see:

The Hidden River

Along with the Natural Bridge 

However, there was nothing to see.

The water was so high and turbulent that you couldn’t even tell where those features were.

But it was a great hike. The river was pretty amazing. 

On our way back, we stopped for ice cream.

We were really tired by the time we got back. We had a low key evening.

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