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Day 44 – Newberry National Volcanic Monument 

June 4th 2017

Big Obsidian Flow

Newberry National Volcanic Monument near Sunriver, Oregon

We drove up to the southern part of the park stopping at the Paulina Visitor Center. They have some really great hike possibilities, but the snow made a great many of them unfeasible.

One hike that was open although still snowy in places was the Big Obsidian Flow.

The area had been covered with obsidian about 1,300 years ago.

Relatively recently in geologic terms. 

It was an interesting hike and we had a good time.

Jon looking like a sacrifice to the volcano gods.

You could see one of the lakes in the Newberry Caldera.

The Obsidian isn’t uniform. 

After this hike, we headed to the other side of the park to go into the Lava River Cave.

The cave is really amazing. The cave passages are huge, almost like a subway tunnel. 

The cave is easy to walk through once you get there, but there are a lot of steps to get to the bottom.

The Newberry National Volcanic Monument is adjacent to Deschutes National Forest. All camping within the Park must be in Campgrounds, but you can travel down the Forest Service roads in Deschutes National Forest and stay at campsites scattered through the area.

We found a really lovely place in the woods very close to a lava wall.

We climbed up it to see the view. It is incredible that this volcanic activity took place so recently.

We had a peaceful evening in the woods.

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