Day 26 to 28 – Saline Valley Warm Springs

May 17 to 19

Jon next to the Saline Valley Warm Springs sign

We have been visiting Saline Valley Warm Springs since we were living in California about 17 years ago. 

Photo from 2002.

The Saline Valley Warm Springs is a very relaxing way to spend a few days.

The problem at this time of year is that it is often very warm. Think over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. We were fortunate that it wasn’t nearly that hot when we were there, but it was still really warm.

So most of the daytime was spent at the lawn. Jon had a chance to enjoy his hammock.

We walked around in the cooler parts of the day.

I prepared several nice dinners.

We met a number of very nice people. One of them designs, makes and sells crocheted items.

Crochet by Netanis

I spent most of the next couple of days watching the animals and working on blog posts. No internet, but a chance to at least write a few.

There were the low flying military jets from the nearby base. I was pleased to get a good photo this time.

The wild burros were around as usual.

No matter how friendly they seem, they are wild animals and can be dangerous. Fingers look a lot like carrots.

This little girl was careful not to get too close. 

One of the burros from last year had a three week old foal.

I took a lot photos of lizards. There are at least a couple of different species.

Zebra-tailed Lizards

Yellow-backed Spiny Lizard

I watched the birds and tried to identify them and got other people involved.

I was amazed to see a green heron there. Herons are birds that eat mostly fish. There aren’t lot of fish in the desert.

This time it was fishing out of the outflow of the fish pond. There are wild rabbits around, too.

We saw quite a few yellow warblers.

And brown-headed cowbirds.

And one that had me stumped. Later it was identified as a common yellowthroat.

We did have a four inexplicable birders come out to try to locate a kingbird. They were equipped with expensive looking cameras with telephoto lenses and hand-held radios. They ignored all the people and ran around trying to find the birds. They left after about a half-hour. Keep in mind, it takes most of the day to get to the Saline Valley Warm Springs on really washboard roads. We all found them very puzzling. 

We had a very relaxing few days, but the heat kept increasing, so we headed out on May 29th.

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