Valley of the Gods – May 19


We just took it easy the next day. We didn’t have any plans to go anywhere else or to do anything specific. After the hectic days at Overland Expo, it was nice to have some down time. 
Kent was feeling restless, so he went out for a bike ride. The rest of us just hung out for a while. 

Jon was able to solve a cork stuck at the bottom of a container by pulling out his tool kit. 

In the afternoon, a few people took naps. 

A few people went out on a walk with Arly. I tried to work on blog posts. I didn’t get very far. The landscape was quite beautiful to watch. I took a few more pictures. 



There were dark clouds moving up from the south. 

Late in the afternoon, the dark clouds got quite a bit closer. They were carrying rain. Jon was pretty sure that it was really going to blow, so we went inside. Very soon after we finished, the wind came blowing through. It was incrediblely strong. Jon realized that we had left the garage door open on the opposite side from where the wind was blowing. I offered to run out and close it. When I opened the door, the wind caught it. I tried to shut the door, but the wind was much too strong. Fortunately, Jon was able to close it. The rain went through as quickly as it had arrived. 


The sun came back out giving us a wonderful double rainbow. 

 Everything dried out before very long.   

All the rain has certainly made the desert bloom.  It is much greener than I’ve ever seen it before. 


Marc prepared another fabulous dinner on the wok. We all really enjoyed it.

Kent left early in the morning. Quite a bit later, I fixed scrambled eggs for those people who were interested. After that, we all split up to go our different ways.

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