Overland Expo West 2015 – Sunday

May 17


Jon went to the Instructor’s Meeting this morning. Once he got back, we went out to the Walkabout Breakfast. Several of the Exhibitors provide food and beverages in the morning. It may have stopped raining, but it was going to take quite a bit longer for things to dry out. 

 We walked around for a long time talking with vendors.


 We headed back to the camper after lunch to tidy up and lock things down for our class at 3:00. 

Jon and I stopped to talk with Oksana from Perky Mog. Jon was familiar with Perky Mog from the Internet, but I had only met them briefly earlier this weekend. She was gracious enough to show us the inside of their vehicle. It is certainly something above and beyond when it comes to an overland vehicle. Luisa Bell came over, too. She and I hung out with Oksana for a while, but I had to get back to our vehicle.

We were to present our vehicle at 3:00 at the Demo area for the class “My Perfect Overland Vehicle (Large): Mitsubishi Fuso Custom Rig”. We closed everything up to get it ready to move. It may have dried out quite a lot, but it was still really wet and muddy by the Demo area. Jon drove it over while I had to make a stop first and then met him over there. 

As expected, the rear wheel were bogged down in mud. Jon did a great job of not getting the front wheels bogged down too. We received an offer of assistance to pull the Fuso out of the mud, but it only made sense for us to wait until we finished the class first. It wasn’t like there was there was any dry, firm ground for us to park instead. 

Jon talked about the vehicle’s basic design. He discussed frame construction briefly and then gave much more specific information about the Fuso’s set up. 


The class had a good attendance especially considering how many people had already left. Most people leave by at least midday on Sunday in a normal year. With the rain and such, even more people had left than usual. I had actually been quite surprised to see more than a couple people show up.


We did a tour around the vehicle and both of us answered questions. Several of the participants had been at one of Jon’s Roundtables on Saturday. 

The class went well and the participants stayed until we had to end the class. 

There was fortunately a Jeep willing to help give us a tug when the class was over. We moved the vehicle back to our original camping spot. We did what we needed to do before going to the BBQ that afternoon. 

We stopped by to talk with Bill Burke. He had arrived this afternoon for an International 4-Wheel Drive Trainers’ Association activity during the next couple of days.


We went to the BBQ last year and really had a good time. I got in line and Jon went to get us a drink. Rob and Nina from Whiteacorn were in front of us, so we talked with them during the wait. Fred and Denise Cook had already gone through the line and had a table. Fred organized a few more tables to be added on providing enough seating for all of us. It was a nice dinner. 

I stopped to talk with Luisa and her family. I was going to meet Jon back at the Fuso. When I got back to our camping spot, the vehicle was gone. Fortunately, someone had seen the direction that it had gone. So I tracked it down. Jon had parked next to Rick and Kathy Howe’s RV which is big enough to offer seating for more than a couple of people. So we sat around and talked with everyone for a while.

It was a late night. We had a very long day and were ready for bed. 

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