Overland Expo West 2015 – Saturday, Part 1

May 16 morning to early afternoon

It had snowed during the night. The tent next to us had collapsed due to the weight of the snow. The occupants had slept in their car overnight. They were able to get it back up again. There was a big pile of snow from the top of it the tent.

The snow melted very quickly. The ground went from a little muddy to incredibly muddy with standing water. Jon left for the morning Instructor’s meeting. He was participating in the “Regional Q&A: Continental U.S.” at 10:00 and the “Regional Q&A: Mexico and Central America” at 3:00 today.


I went to the “My Perfect Overland Vehicle (Small): Honda Element” by David Hoffman. I have a Honda Element and was interested to see how this one had been set up. it. 


He had an ECamper on the top of it. It seemed like a very useful, space saving idea for someone overlanding in a Honda Element. 


The ground got progressively wetter and muddier as the day went on. 

Note the snow on top of the mountains in the background.

And this was nothing compared to the general camping area.

They were still running recovery classes on the driving course.

We walked around when it wasn’t actively raining. We met Susie & Gary Bowman who were camped nearby. They are trying to sell their new GXV vehicle. 


We talked with Luisa Bell from A2A Expedition.


After lunch, Jon and I walked over to the general camping area. We tried cutting through a closed driving course with the hope that it would be a little less muddy than the road. It didn’t make any difference. It was all incredibly muddy. 


There were quite a few people leaving. A lot of vehicles were very stuck. We watched a number of those vehicles get pulled out. 


We were able to get a ride back to our campsite in a Halflinger. It was really cute and very capable. It just made it through the mud without any problem. 


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