Verde Hot Springs, Part 3 – May 8-11

The next day, most of the people around headed out by late morning-early afternoon. We just hung out for a bit talking with people. 


We decided to walk around the closed Childs Power Plant. The building itself is locked up tight, but the fence around it had a number of holes in it. 

There was a very large pipe that had a tremendous amount of scale built up inside it. 


And we found this plaque. 

Once most everyone had left, we went back out to the Hot Springs.  We took the riverside route this time. It required scrambling over a rocky steep bit. We still went upstream of the Hot Springs to cross the river. 


When we arrived, there were just a few people there and they were all in the process of leaving. It was really nice having the place all to ourselves.


By the time we got back, a number of new campers had arrived. We took a walk around to meet them. We met a couple of guys that turned out to be math teachers in middle and high school. Jon and I talked about how much we use math, especially geometry in our activities. For Jon, it is mostly related to building things. For me, it is mostly craft related. Almost every quilt project I’ve ever done has required a large number of calculations. 


After this, I headed back to the camper to work on dinner while Jon walked around talking to people. We had a nice dinner and headed to bed pretty early. I can’t say it was a quiet night. 


Around 3:00, we woke up to loud music. It seems like in most of these cases, it is caused by a number of drunk people who are often pretty belligerent. I always bring ear plugs for this very reason. 

The next morning, we packed up. We walked around and talked to a few of the neighbors. We talked with a nice young couple that had a five month old German Shepherd puppy. He was adorable. 


It hasn’t rained during the last two days, so the roads should be fine. The rain the first night had made the ground around our back wheels really soft. 


We did a little digging and had not yet gotten free. A really nice guy offered to get his pickup truck to give us a tug. 

We didn’t have any problems on the road out. Everything had dried out and the road was just fine. 

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