Verde Hot Springs, Part 2 – May 8-11


The next morning, we dried things off a little better inside. Jon hung up a clothes line to hang the wet towels on. Never underestimate the importance of having some clothes pins and rope as part of your equipment (and old towels). 

Jon removed the brush bar. I scraped off the old sealant, coatings, etc. Jon was on the roof preparing the surface to be able to reapply the brush bar. 

We wanted to finish this up before heading out to the Hot Springs, especially considering it might rain again. 
While working on the Big Foot camper, a guy from AZ drove up in his pick up truck. He asked us about the camper and we talked for almost the entire time we were working on the vehicle. Once we were finished and about to head to the Hot Springs, he decided he didn’t really want to go and drove away. 
A big van containing numerous college-aged young men arrived while we were talking. They all headed to the Hot a Springs. About an hour later, they all walked back and drove away. 


The start of the trail to the Hot Springs. 
The trail is about a mile and a bit. We took the high route which is longer & more exposed (hot). You have to cross the river to reach the Hot Springs. The place we chose to cross was about mid-thigh deep on me. I took off my shoes to keep them dry, but I tripped on a rock and dunked them in the river anyway. 


Looking upstream near where we crossed the river

From there, we walked another quarter mile to reach the Hot Springs. 

The Verde Hot Springs were once part of a fancy hotel & resort. It burned down about 50 years ago. All that is left is the foundation which includes two hot spring pools and a concrete deck overlooking the river.  


One pool is large, very deep and warm. The other pool is in the stone building. It is much smaller and quiet a bit warmer. 


As you can tell, there has been a lot of creative expression. 


The Hot Springs have a great view of the river. 

– photo of river before Hot Springs. 
When we arrived, there were lots of people there. 


And more were arriving. 

It is possible to cross the river at the Hot Springs, but the water is much deeper. 

    Note the guy in white crossing the river. 

We stayed until we started to get all pruney and hungry. When we got back, there had been quite a change in the people at the campground. A number of groups had left and others had taken their place. 

A nice couple originally from El Paso had set up camp next to us. We talked to them for a bit and offered them a few drinks. They really appreciated the cold drinks and suggested that we come by to share in their dinner later. 

After taking a break, we went out to talk with the neighbors. Mike had suggested we come by for dinner since he was sure that he would have a lot more food than his family could eat. Well, he was right. He had fried up cod and hush puppies. His family had already finished eating, so we talked with him and his wife and ate fried fish. The food really was great. 

We later dropped by our new neighbors and had a little grilled steak and tortillas. That was really fabulous too.  We talked with them until it was really late and much past time for bed.  

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