Texas, Day 1 – April 20 Pedernales Falls

LA to Pedernales Falls State Park

We had a nice drive from Cameron, LA to Texas. We had to take a very brief ferry to get across the nearby river.  We passed by guys on horseback herding Longhorn cattle. It was very exciting. You just don’t see that very often. 
Once we reached the Texas line, it felt a lot like we were driving through the back lot of a huge petroleum supply company. We eventually traveled out of that region and though Houston. 
At least we weren’t going through it during rush hour. It seemed like it was endless miles of strip malls and cookie cutter subdivisions in shades of brown. Once we reached the downtown, the view was of a very impressive skyline. As expected, it was followed by the same sprawling housing and shopping centers. We were glad to get past it.
For a long time after that we drove through mostly fields and pastures and small petroleum structures. We went south of Austin and made a detour to Lockhart for the BB. We visited Kreuz’s and picked up Smoked Beef Brisket and Pork Chops for dinner.
We decided to camp at Pedernales Falls State Park which meant we were driving through parts of Austin in rush hour traffic. It took a long time to get through it all. 




Pedernales Falls State Park is located in the Texas Hill Country near Johnson City and West of Austin. It is rolling hills with trees and a river running through it. 
There is a nice campground with lots of trees. We easily found a nice spot with trees and a little privacy from the neighbors. As usual, there were lots of vacant campsites to choose from. Unlike most of the places we have been since we started his trip, there were actually a significant number of other people in the campground. 
We rolled in pretty late and were really hungry by the time we set up. Tonight was our first chance to eat outside. There wasn’t any rain for once.  We had the beef brisket and green beans. 

We took our usual stroll around the campground afterwards. A lot of people had brought dogs with them. In addition to typical breeds, we also saw a couple of English Setters and three Rhodesian Ridgebacks. 



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