Gulf Coast of Mississippi – April 18th

We stayed mostly on the Interstate on Saturday to get through Alabama. We stopped at the Mississippi Welcome Center for recommendations of routes to take along the coast. 

Because of the suggestions, we took Interstate 10 to Ocean Springs, and then followed US 90 along the coastline. It was really interesting to see how different it is as compared to the NC coast. The devastation from hurricanes is very evident if you know what you are looking for (or the absence of buildings). Most of the building rubble had been cleared away since 2008. But there are still driveways to empty lots and lots of foundations. It looked like the first block of buildings were just wiped out. The only buildings along that stretch are obviously new. 
Last night we stayed at the Mississippi Buccaneer State Park on the Gulf Coast. It is West of Biloxi and Bay St Louis and very close to the Louisiana state line. The state park had been completely wiped out in 2008 and rebuilt. For us, the best part was the camping spots overlooking the Gulf. These camping spots “only” had power and water. The majority of the camping spots were among the trees away from the Gulf coast and also had sewer hookups.  As usual, there was almost no one in this area. There was one large party with about 6 cars, one very large RV and countless children. On our side, there was one older couple in a small towed camper.



We had a fabulous view. We arrived early enough to have time to walk around the park for a while. There was a nature hike, but since it had been raining off and in for the last several days, it was very waterlogged and we gave it a pass. There were a couple of water park areas, but they weren’t open yet. Besides the camping areas, that was pretty much it. A couple of the loops of camping areas were full of RVs.

Once we got back to our camper, it started to rain. It wound up raining pretty hard for a prolonged period, so it was dinner cooking inside the camper. Very spicy bison burgers and sugar snap peas.



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