Heading West

Jon and I left home in NC on April 16. The freezer is full, and we have lots of supplies. 


I’ve been preparing, vacuum sealing and freezing meat for the trip. I love our vacuum sealer. It makes this kind of thing easy. Thank goodness my husband, Jon, is an engineer. I gave him a bag of things for the freezer and he made it all fit. Otherwise, we would probably had about 1/2 the amount of food and most of it would have slipped out every time we opened the door. 

We will be picking up supplies along the way, but pre-seasoning and freezing the meat in two person portions makes things easier. 

We’re heading West on a southerly route this time. We’ve done a lot of trips where we’ve gone through the middle of the country, so this should be mostly new sights. 

We have to be at the Flagstaff, AZ by May 12th for pre-Overland Expo – West. We will be at Overland Expo – West from May 14-17. Afterwards, we are going to spend a little time in Southern Utah before heading back home. We are aiming to be back in NC around May 31. 

So no definitely plans for the next four weeks or so. We stayed at the Sesquicentennial State Park campground last night and are planning to camp in Alabama tonight. We love the Ultimate Campground app. It lists campgrounds in public lands including parks, municipalities, etc. There aren’t as many around here in the East, but there are a few. It is especially wonderful in the empty parts of the Mid-West and West.

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