I use table salt to make water safe to drink

The options for water purification can be overwhelming.  On the camper we have a particulate filter, followed by a charcoal filter, and finally a UV light.  This works great if you have the space, weight, and power to make it happen – but what about when you are packing everything on your back?

15794[1]There are lots of great evaluations of the different systems (pumps, pens, filters, tablets, drops, etc) that I won’t attempt to reproduce – google is your friend and mine.  I’m just going to jump right in on what we are using.  The H2gO Purifier, which is a miniaturized version of the large scale MIOX technology that big companies (Coca-Cola, Pepsi, et al) along with municipalities, the US Military, aid organizations, etc use to clean water.

The H2gO uses electricity to convert brine (salty water) into chlorine and hydrogen peroxide, which you then use to dose your water.  (There was a predecessor product a number of years ago – the MSR MIOX, that you could consider this a much improved reboot of).  It won Gear Junkie’s Best in Show at the January Outdoor Retailer Trade Show

Here’s what I have – I’m using a pre-production version, the final version will have a colored case and, I think, different graphics.  I backed this as an indiegogo project 16 months ago, and (like most kickstarter/indiegogo projects) their delivery plans were aggressive – but the good news is that they are getting very close to shipping and the production versions are going to be sold domestically in places like REI and the other big outdoor retailers under the Portable Aqua brand as the Portable Aqua PURE.

H2gO Purifier contents


Thanks to the clear plastics you can see the two salt reservoirs (top right and bottom right)

H2gO Purifier front


The device can be charged via USB, or via the built in solar cell on the back.


H2gO Purifier back

So far I’ve only used it to purify a water bottle’s worth of tap water in my kitchen – stay tuned for how the H2gO works for us during our September trip to Guatemala!

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