T-Minus 4 days

Drove over to British 4×4 to take care of some business before heading out of town. Got the Fuso serviced and cleaned inside and out – Always nice to start out a cross country trip with fresh oil and knowing that everything is greased and topped off. The motor requires an oil change every 6000 miles so it’s easiest to just do an oil change before each trip and top off while on the road.

The oil was pretty low, so I’m going to need to make more of an effort to tilt the cab and check the dispstick – there is an in-cab oil-level indicator, but I’m not certain how accurate it is.


Also took care of a few minor details. The gas strut on the truck camper door had failed, so replaced that. Also, the fire extinguisher in the cab was showing empty (didn’t discharge, so maybe just a bad gauge) – since it was 7 years old I just picked up a replacement at Home Depot. It’s a little larger than the previous one and has a slightly different mount. I have an extra quickfist that I’m going to use to hold it down and make sure it doesn’t rattle. Fire extinguishers are not something you want bouncing around in the cab!
Quickfist on Expedition Exchange

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